Honeymoons, Honeymoon Registry, and Destination Weddings

HONEYMOON - Allow Dreams and Destinations Travel to help you plan the honeymoon of your dreams. Although we are available via phone and email, we prefer to schedule a private appointment in a relaxed setting to discuss your honeymoon ideas. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable discussing your ideas, your honeymoon budget, and asking questions, so that we may focus totally on you - and help you plan your dream honeymoon.

HONEYMOON REGISTRY - You and your intended may have in mind a very luxurious honeymoon that may or may not be within your means. Or you may feel that, between the two of you, you don't need another toaster or typical wedding gift. Your friends and family would very likely appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your honeymoon as a gift to you. Dreams and Destinations Travel makes it very easy for your guests to do just that. Your Honeymoon Registry can be set up before or after you have chosen your honeymoon trip.

DESTINATION WEDDING - Have you been dreaming of a totally unique wedding? Perhaps you have fantasized about you and your love standing on a beach at sunset when you recite your vows, or on top of a snow-covered mountain with the entire wedding party on skis, or celebrating aboard a private yacht in the Greek Isles! The options for destinations weddings are limited only by your imagination.

You may decide to be married onboard a cruise ship just before it sails into the sunset, allowing your guests to attend the ceremony onboard while the ship is in port, and then have the option of joining you on the cruise if they like. Or you may wish to be married at a Beaches Resort in the Caribbean with all of your friends and family around you - then after the ceremony, fly to an exclusive Sandals' “couples only” island for your honeymoon.


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